Instructor Bio:

Ted Truscott and Pamela Truscott-White


Ted’s Training:

Karate Training: (since 1972)

2006: Achieved Yondan with Dai Nippon Butoku Kai

2005: joined Dai Nippon Butoku Kai

2002: As a member of the National Martial Arts Institute, I helped develop the Okinawan Kobudo skill sets and grading expectations  up to mid-level black belt degrees, for the Western Canadian members.

2001: I left Victoria Butoku Kai but continued training as a member of Zen Bei Butoku Kai under Sensei Kim until his death in 2001: I achieved Sandan in Shorin-ji Ryu and Sandan in Okinawan Kobudo.

2001: My book, Canadian Law and Self Defence, was adjudicated by the Martial Arts College of the Eurotechical Research University of Hawaii to be a Masters level thesis. Therefore, upon the successful attempt at my Sandan grading (the physical grading minimum necessary for a masters level diploma), I was presented with a Masters degree in Martial Science by my Sensei, Richard Kim


Myself,   Sensei Kim & Sempai Leong 

1986: Shorin-ji Ryu karate: Victoria Butoku Kai under Sensei Doug Mortley, affiliate with Richard Kim’s Zen Bei Butoku Kai: achieved Nidan.

1972: Shotokan karate: Bateson’s Karate : achieved brown belt.

Bagua Training:
1994: started the study of Bagua Zhang under Andrea Falk of the Victoria Wushu Center.

Arnis Stick Fighting:
1994: became a student of the modern Arnis stick fighting method of Remy Presas.

2004: started Chen Style Taijiquan, Hong’s Practical Method from Chen Zhonghua:

Ted started with Chen disciple Gordon Muir and found a truly unique approach to creating power and using the internal body. HE practices Yi Lu, the Chen Dao set and the Practical Method foundational set. His demo of the unique back exercies have helped a lot of people…

2007: promoted to assistant instructor

Ted is a certified counsellor and therapist, and has received the thirty year award for his work as a special care foster parent. He is retired from his position in a Severe Behaviour class in Oak Bay High School.

He has authored the book, Canadian Law and Self Defence, is the past editor of Focus Point Martial Arts Magazine and a contributor to the prestigious Canadian Martial Arts Magazine and the Martial Arts Free Press.

PamelaTruscott-White’s Training:

Judo Training: (Since 1960)

1960: Pam began her training under Professor John Cahill and received her black belt in Judo/Jujutsu from his son, Willy Cahill, in South San Francisco. Willy has coached the American Judo team and has had many articles published in Budo Dojo magazine.

Karate Training:

1988: Pamela started training in Shorin-ji Ryu karate, and earned her Shodan in 1996.

Bagua Training:

1994: started the study of Bagua Zhang under Andrea Falk of the Victoria Wushu Center.