How Can a Business Person Obtain Permanent Residence in Canada?

Permanent Residence in Canada

How Can a Business Person Obtain Permanent Residence in Canada?

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If you are an investor, entrepreneur, or self-employed person looking to relocate to Canada, you may be wondering how to apply for a permanent residency visa. There are several categories for these applicants, including Entrepreneurs, Self-employed persons, Dependents, and Investors. Read on to learn more. Then contact an immigration lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld to get the process started. They will explain the benefits of each of these categories and provide you with an individualized solution.


Canadian immigration law allows for multiple ways for entrepreneurs to come to Canada. Entrepreneur immigration is particularly attractive for immigrants with skills in business. It enables the entrepreneur and his or her family members to obtain permanent residence in Canada. Entrepreneurs can apply under different streams, depending on their qualifications, nature of business, and province of residence. Listed below are three possible streams for entrepreneurs. Each stream will require different requirements. For example, if the applicant intends to open a business in Canada, it must be a start-up or an existing business.


To apply for permanent residence in Canada, foreign investors must invest in certain business ventures. To qualify for the investor visa, an investor must have a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark level 5 and prove sufficient financial stability. In some cases, the applicant must also meet the quota of a particular program. The investor’s application will be considered a final decision based on the approval of the federal government. Investors should contact their local Canadian embassy for more information on the specific requirements and application procedure.

Self-employed persons

The Self-Employed Program is one of the many pathways to Canadian permanent residency for athletes and artists who have no prior work experience. This program also offers advantages over other immigration streams as the requirements for self-employment are similar to those for a Significant Benefit Work Permit application. A client of Gerami Law PC will be able to assess their eligibility and apply for permanent residence under this class. This program is limited to certain spheres of economic activity, including farming and artistic activities, as well as people who are non-Quebec. To be eligible for the Self-Employed Class, applicants must demonstrate an ability to be self-employed in Canada and a significant contribution to the specified spheres of economic activity.


For dependents of a business person obtaining permanent residency in Canada, the principal applicant must fill out a separate form. This form contains questions for the dependants and instructions on how to answer the questions. The dependant must be under the age of 22 and be single, continuously enrolled in a post-secondary institution and in attendance as a full-time student. It must also be clear that they depend significantly on the business person’s financial support.

Common-law partners

Generally speaking, the common-law partner can be either of the same gender or the opposite sex. The person must have lived with the sponsor for 12 months. Immigration barriers such as religious beliefs and sexual orientation can prevent common-law partners from residing in Canada for that long. However, opposite-gender couples can obtain permanent residence in Canada if they have been in a genuine relationship for 12 months.

Express entry

Many business owners and investors mistakenly think that the only viable immigration route is the Express Entry program. Many research the requirements under the “professional” stream of Express Entry, only to discover that they don’t qualify. That’s because this stream is designed to attract young professionals under 35 years of age with outstanding educational and work credentials and a business plan. In most cases, a business person can obtain permanent residence status with a successful business plan in four to six months.


The Canadian government’s Business Immigration Program facilitates the immigration of successful business individuals. These individuals are granted permanent residence and can bring their families with them. For several years, Canada has been rated as one of the world’s most desirable places to live, and it has the highest standard of living. To learn more about the Business Immigration Program, read on! We will go over some of the key points to consider.


You might be thinking of applying for a work permit if you are running a business in Canada. You must first determine whether you have sufficient funds to support the business and whether you will need to sponsor a person in your own capacity. Then, you will need to choose a sponsor. You should choose a sponsor who specializes in immigration law and has experience helping people obtain permanent residence in Canada.

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