Shorin-Ji Karate Information:

Martial Arts: Karate, Chen tai chi,
close quarter combat self defence classes ~  in Langford,  BC:

The Yama Neko Dojo  (Mountain Cat Dojo)

past affiliate of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, the oldest extant Japanese martial arts organisation, and currently un-affiliated …

Phone: (250) 474-5434


The True Goal of martial arts training is to Better Ourselves:

* to be more capable

* to better achieve our goals

* to be more calm, peaceful and content


Benefits of Karate Training

Character Improvements

* increased self esteem

* increased self confidence

* increased assertiveness

* emotional control and stress relief

* ability to work cooperatively in a group

* ability to lead others

* initiative and independent learning

* understanding of other races and cultures

Physical Improvements

* increased anaerobic efficiency

* increased aerobic fitness

* increased strength and flexibility

* increased stamina

* firm and tone your body

* enhanced abilities in all other activities

* mind / body unity and harmony

* left / right brain hemisphere integration, increasing problem solving skills and concentration


Our Location:
3672 Happy Valley Rd. Langford (Victoria area) BC, Vancouver Island.

We are located in the middle of Happy Valley, just under Center Mountain, where the Galloping Goose Trail crosses Happy Valley Road. The ambiance is rural, the serenity contagious and the nastiest things in the valley are the geese next door.

We have ample on-site parking and are in close proximity to the Galloping Goose hiking and biking trail.

And, unlike inner city locations, you definitely don’t have to know a martial art just to get to our door!!

We serve the whole greater Victoria area, drawing students who like what we do, from Oak Bay to Sooke.

But, of course, what would a Canadian scene be without a winter picture? Here is the winter of  ’06, which we still remember….fondly. The dojo is behind the bottoms of these tall trees.



"To win 100 victories in 100 battles is not the highest skill. To subdue your enemy without fighting is the highest skill."

                        ~ Funakoshi, Gichin Sensei.

 The Yama Neko Dojo is a gathering of people dedicated to seeking perfection of spirit and character through the practice of the Martial Arts under the guidence of the following ethical considerations: humility, compassion, honor, loyalty, patience, and gratitude.

"The only good reason to practice karate is to have a better life."
                                ~ O’Sensei Richard Kim.

Periodically, we go somewhere interesting such as Carmanah Rain Forest or, as seen in this picture, the top of Mount Arrowsmith outside of Parksville, BC. 

Shorin-ji Ryu Karate

(translates as: ’Shaolin Temple Style’ karate):

* developed by Sakagawa in Okinawa, formalized by Matsumura Soken and introduced to Japan (and the rest of the world) by Funakoshi Gichin, where a modified version became known as Shotokan karate.

* characterised by light, quick movements emphasizing skill development over brute strength.

* The Shorin-Ji Ryu taught by O’Sensei Richard Kim includes the wealth of information and fighting skills he learned in his military and martial arts careers, including boxing, bagua and aiki jutsu variations.

If you are interested in training with us,please contact me by phone or email for Shorin-ji, Shorin-ji Kobudo (traditional weapons of Okinawa)