Interesting Information about Airsoft BB Guns

Interesting Information about Airsoft BB Guns

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Among the entire Airsoft gun pellets the BBs have won the hearts of the users quite fast. Any airsoft guns connoisseur can tell you that the BB pellets are the best quality ammunition. While most people get confused about the Steel BB pellets and the Airsoft BB pellets, in reality, they are quite different. The only similarity between these two pellets lies in their names. Now, if you are an Airsoft gun buff and want more information about BBs, keep on reading.

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Facts about Airsoft BBs

While you might think that the Steel BB pellets can work fine in your airsoft guns, think again. The steel pellets can really damage the internals of your Airsoft BB guns, and cause harm to other players as well. The Airsoft BB pellets, on the other hand, are made of plastic. While they can slightly vary in material and color, they do not pose any danger to the other players.

The pellet weight can influence the speed per second and the degrees of accuracy of the Airsoft BBs. You should choose the BBs depending on the rules and regulations of your community. In every Airsoft gun, the standard diameter for the ammunition is 6 mm. That means you can use BBs with different types of guns.

How Are The BBs Made?

The BBS can’t be made anywhere. You need specific machines to melt, combine and mold the pellets of the guns to perfection. A mixture of different plastics was used to create the required characteristics of the BBs. During the production process, the mixture of the plastics is supplied to a machine known as the suction unit. The suction unit also contains the dosage unit that ensures the strength that the BBs need.

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Once the mixing is done, the plastic is then melted and pressed into the molds of spherical shapes. The process of melting of the plastics is done in an extrusion chamber. Extrusion is one of the most delicate processes that help to create objects with a fixed diameter. That’s why this method is perfect for creating BBs for the tight bore barrel airsoft gun.


Biodegradable and Non Biodegradable

Unlike the guns, the BBs can be made with biodegradable as well as non-biodegradable materials. The biodegradable versions of BBs are made using the polylactide known as the PLA. The non-biodegradables are made using degradable materials, like corn or starches. That makes them costlier than the BBs made of non-biodegradable materials. After use, these biodegradable BBs will break down after 90 days in most conditions of facilities, which makes them environment-friendly.

The Airsoft sites have now started to change their policies as well. Some of the Airsoft sites in Europe only allow biodegradable BBs to maintain their plastic-free policy. That’s why it is always better to check the policy of the site you are going to know about the type of BBs they allow.

On the other hand, non-biodegradable BBs are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS Plastic) which is not environment-friendly at all. However, these are the most popular for their cheaper price.

Now that you know more about the BBs for airsoft guns, you will be able to choose the perfect ones for yourself. Saying that, you should not choose the BBs while considering their prices only. You should think about the traceability and other factors as well to make the best decision. 

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