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Reviews: Books & Videos

In this area I will post reviews of the best print and video media that I have found on the topics of self defence for seniors and self defence in general.

Periodically I will include reviews by qualified friends of mine and other trusted people, and I will include health related, diet and fitness reviews also. Hell, I just revised this to say that I’m gonna review anything that catches my eye that I think is interesting.

Also, I have received dvd’s in the mail to review. That is ok by me but I do not guarantee a favourable review nor a quick one.

 Please remember that if you are interested in any of these fine products, you click through to Amazon right from my review.

Why some of the pictures of the covers that Amazon sends electronically to me have failed, I don’t know. They say their computer shows the images nicely but other people have trouble and they do not provide friendly support, <sigh>.

If you have any lengthy questions or comments, use the comments section or the forums.

Total Awareness

For those who have not yet used a link to go to his site, Darren is an LEO with extensive combat training and teaching. He is also an extraordinary researcher, unwilling to accept statistics on their face value or “new” research without deeper personal investigation.

Total Awareness: A Woman’s Safety Book is almost a one stop shopping center for the topic of personal home and street safety.

Real Crimes, Real Criminals

RMCAT classes are reality based and to accomplish that we have interviewed convicts, killers and criminal assailants of most every kind. This video is a collection of some of those very interviews. In talking to violent, convicted felons we learn how they select their victims and very importantly why they will pass on a given individual as a potential victim if they spot certain behaviors in them.

Striking Techniques: DVD 2: RMCAT

This short dvd is not a full compilation of all the strikes from a particular style of martial arts like you may be used to. It is a concise list of the foremost weapons in the RMCAT arsenal that they have proven to be most effective from their life experience and in their armored assailant courses.

Escapes and Fighting From the Ground: DVD 3: RMCAT

There are two approaches that are common assumptions about self defence curriculum. One is the martial arts approach which has style based curriculum and an attitude that for every attack, there is a best-response technique which demands a dedicated defence.