Total Awareness

Total Awareness

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For those who have not yet used a link to go to his site, Darren is an LEO with extensive combat training and teaching. He is also an extraordinary researcher, unwilling to accept statistics on their face value or “new” research without deeper personal investigation.

Total Awareness: A Woman’s Safety Book is almost a one stop shopping center for the topic of personal home and street safety.

Some of you might remember my article,  101 Ways to Defend Yourself without a Gun: A Rebuttal
in which I castigate the current wisdom of telling clients to BE AWARE but never tell them how to do this!

The Advice: Stay aware:

The problem: How?
What are we to be aware of?  Bad guys straight from central casting? Men from a different culture or race? Long haired men? Men with tattoos? Homeless men? So we are aware of them, now what? Will our awareness save us if we don’t do anything about it? What should be done if we don’t like the look of someone?

This is the book that fills in the knowledge gap!

Chapter 1: Who Attacks and Why
~ To know your enemy is to be able to be better prepared.

Chapter 2: Be Street Safe
~ includes reducing risk by a detailed description of awareness drills and practices, as well as recognising the street interview whereby the perp sizes you up as a victim.

Chapter 3: If an Attack Happens
~ includes a discussion of your rights and obligations under the law (sounds familiar, yes?), and the pros and cons of self defence training.

(Have you ever heard a self defence instructor discuss the CONS of self defence training??)

~ also includes the basics of escape

Chapter 4: Everyday Safety Strategies
~ for you residence, vehicle etc including advice on home invasions, road rage, taxi safety, elevators, identity theft hotels, airports ATM’s and jogging, inpart.

Did I say elevators? Isn’t it true that you have felt afraid and unsure of what to do when the elevator door opened and you faced an unknown person with no idea if he was threatening or not nor what to do about it? Just getting into some elevators is threatening enough!

Where to stand in an elevator:

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