Cane Fighting Practise

Cane Fighting Practise

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This little effort demos some of the Raising Canes exercises that you can do to warm-up before practising your cane fighting self defense. It contains:

        • Wim Demeer’s stick exercises for the   shoulders, back and arms
        • some simple cane fighting footwork drills called zoning
        • some cane fighting shadow boxing,

then it ends with me being viciously attacked by Joe so that I have to defend myself with my cane very rigorously. At 5:45 I do some  cane twirling dexterity exercises you should check out.  🙂
It takes some time before a heavy fighting cane can be easily swung by one hand without wrenching the wrist. Keep it up and you’ll get there.
The other important thing about learning how to swing the cane is to practise the management of its momentum. Letting the cane’s momentum pull you off centre can take it right out of the fight.

That is why I advocate a ’two hands on the cane’ punching motion…

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